Educated Fit will help position you as a leading educator to the industry, increasing your credibility and respect, and allowing your brilliance and talent to shine in the spotlight

If you are eager to stand out, benefiting from greater recognition as an expert in your field, but need to learn the secrets of successful presenters and speakers


If you’re an outstanding fit pro, consistently investing in your own development and training, and you’re no longer satisfied with sitting in the audience but ready to take centre stage

Then discovering how people learn how to teach and how to deliver memorable and inspiring content Is essential if you want to take full advantage of the powerful platform and be a TEACHER / PRESENTER / PUBLIC SPEAKER / TUTOR

These titles imply ‘This person can teach you something of value’, the advice is regarded as ‘pure gold’, the information shared is ‘Mind blowing’.

Combining your skills and knowledge as a successful fit pro with being an educator, teaching the stuff that people are crying out for guidance on, will enable you to command a greater income and turn your passion into profits!

The media features daily health and fitness stories, often conflicting or confusing in content. More and more people are seeking trustworthy advice and direction on how to interpret this never ending stream of information.

I will show you how it’s not only possible but the most opportune time to step up and be the one to teach and educate.

Where other trainers are satisfied to blend in you can step forward speak up and stand out through presenting and teaching!

This is where I can help

I’m Jacqueline Hooton, a fellow fitness professional with 15 years’ experience in the industry and 25 years in teaching, tutoring and presenting roles.

With my background as a Training Manager for retail giant Marks and Spencer, an Antenatal Teacher with the National Childbirth Trust, a Fitness Tutor, Course Developer and Assessor for Future Fit Training, as well as a Project Manager for the development of Reflex Nutrition’s first ever supplement course, I will reveal to you the secrets of successful presenting, teaching and educating.

I can distil my years of knowledge and hands-on experience to pass on the skills needed to:

  • Develop and design compelling educational content
  • Deliver sell out successful seminars, workshops and training events
  • Master public speaking skills


Inspire motivate and galvanise your audience with fresh insights, valuable learning, and take home implementable solutions

So whether you want to teach fellow fit-pros or educate your clients, deliver punchy presentations or develop weekend workshops I will explain how to research, develop and design content from my experience as an author and course designer with one of the biggest training providers in the UK.

I can help you identify information and education that you alone are uniquely placed to deliver.

And using the same successful strategies I have employed in a variety of different training, teaching and tutoring roles delivering hundreds of courses to thousands of people.

We will compare and evaluate a variety of learning methods to ensure every member of your audience is fully engaged.

From managers and sales staff, expectant women and their partners, to students and fitness professionals, I have trained them all.

If you are ready to step forward speak up and stand out and if you want to join the biggest area of growth in the industry that is fitness education then let’s get started!