Finding Your Voice

A strange and unexpected thing happened at my Essence of Public Speaking Skills training day which I hosted recently. In the process of finding our voices and learning to ‘step forward, speak up and stand out’ nearly all of the participants were moved to tears at some point.

Whilst I hadn’t anticipated this it perhaps is easier to understand if we appreciate we rarely get a chance to fully examine our message and purpose. We get so busy with the business of day to day life, working and juggling demands on our time we seldom sit back and pause for thought.

One of the first things I get over in these days is to define whether you want to use public speaking to inform or inspire or both. Whatever the purpose it’s important to consider the heart of your message and what you are actually trying to convey. If you can’t formulate and put this into words in one sentence then your audience has no chance of working out what your message is!

So back to why we had a few emotional moments during the course of our day. It’s amazing the stories we hold in our hearts and heads, being given permission to share them and express the lessons we have learned, the path we have taken or the trials and tribulations we have faced can be very liberating. 

I am reminded by this quote by Maya Angelou: 'There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you'.