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EAGER to capitalise on your knowledge and passion and start presenting at expos, seminars and training events?

READY to discover how to develop, design and deliver outstanding fitness and health education for fellow fit-pros or clients?

YEARNING to share your message to step forward speak up and stand out?

But first, does this sound like you?

  • Ever sat in a seminar, training day or workshop, listened to the fitness presenters, trainers and tutors and thought ‘I could do this’?
  • Are you hungry to shine and join the ranks of elite fit pros who have distinguished themselves as leaders, experts and educators in the industry?
  • Keen to help more people and reach a bigger audience, but fear of public speaking and the worry of not knowing enough are holding you back?

One of the biggest areas of growth in the fitness industry is the sharing of information and knowledge through podcasts, webinars, training events, seminars and workshops.

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Fitness education is booming!

EVERYONE is seeking valuable information to help them with all aspects of their life. From health to happiness, wellness to workouts, nutrition to networking, people want reliable and trustworthy advice.

Training providers have grown and multiplied, conferences and expos have expanded, and ‘experts’ throughout the industry are stepping forward, sharing what they know.

Whilst many fit pros have amassed technical knowledge and hands-on experience, most are missing the essential ingredients in order to inspire through presenting, teaching and educating.

Trying to cram knowledge into peoples head by talking at them, combined with death by power point, will kill the most compelling subject!

The truth is many aspiring presenters, teachers and educators fail to invest in mastering necessary skills to deliver an EXPLOSIVE training event that informs, engages and entertains. 

Jacqueline Hooton

This is my speciality!

Meet Jacqueline Hooton

Delivering useable ‘take-home’ knowledge that immediately benefits an audience is vital and imparting valuable information is an art.

Successful presenters, teachers and educators

  • Identify and learn how to share their unique ‘expert’ knowledge
  • Invest in acquiring and developing exceptional teaching techniques
  • Analyse and study exactly how people learn
  • Practise and develop authentic and fearless public speaking skills
  • Deliver powerful messages and lessons that are always remembered

Drawing on my 25 years as a trainer, educator and facilitator I will show you how to:

  • Create original and engaging content to be an inspiring educator
  • Clarify and demonstrate key qualities to help you discover your own unique teaching and presenting style
  • Illustrate and identify how authentic and earnest speakers influence their audience, sharing significant messages

Reveal the POWER of teaching, helping you turn your knowledge and passion into profit!

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If you are ready to stand out from the crowd and make your voice heard through the powerful platform of teaching.

If you want to position yourself as a credible authority and lead education in the industry.

Whether you want to deliver small seminars, to improve the service you offer to your existing client base, or run large workshops for fellow fit-pros.